what jamie oliver told me

Blown away by this guy. I knew he was clever and impassioned, that he could cook. But Jamie Oliver in person had me kind of swooning. We got chatting on a red leather sofa during his latest trip to Sydney, I used two tape recorders just in case (one died so thank goodness), and talked about food, obesity, his latest book, and fatherhood.

Jamie Oliver cannot stand spoilt kids. The father of four cracks down on that, he admits; he's kind of strict. "If I sniff that, it gets drummed out of them straight away." He wants them to be polite, lay the table for dinner and, he adds, "I'm pretty hardcore about pulling your finger out and saying 'please' and 'thank you', basically."

My interview with the ridiculously talented Jamie Oliver came out today in Sunday Style magazine. Download it on your tablet here.