kingfish carpaccio with pickled fennel

ELECTROLUX_kingfish carpaccio_kategibbs_small.gif

It’s so easy to create a beautiful plate with layers and layers of muted pinks and pops of bright colour. All pink and green and pearly white, this kingfish carpaccio with pickled fennel, radishes, salmon roe, chervil, fennel sprigs and pink peppercorns can be an impressive starter when entertaining, or as an easy snack for two. A splash of extra virgin olive oil at the end makes everything more appealing, or use a mirin and soy dressing as I have here. Allow each ingredient to pop its own colour on the plate. Pick a very flat plate with enough area to spread out on, and keep the ingredients simple but best quality. Use a mandolin to create very thin, almost transparent vegetable slices; it’s a chef’s go-to kitchen gadget, and mine.

I love working with brands to create nourishing recipes that are simple and realistic to create any night of the week with our busy schedules. Electrolux Australia asked me a while back how I like to style one of my favourite dishes and it's hard to go past this one.