{this week} in a few snaps

Refusing to be held hostage by the weather this week in Sydney, I traipsed about looking for the best places to be during unrelenting downpours, and then when the sun and blue came out in all its glory. There's nothing like a ramen to shun the winter chill, then to what is arguably Sydney's best undercover market for important Saturday rituals of buying bright flowers and a crunchy croque madam with soft egg, and a sea pool for when it finally warmed up again. What did you do to escape from the chill this week? We'll need ideas for the next few weeks... See more pics on Instagram.

clockwise from top left >> No. 01Prawn ball sour ramen soup at Ryo's in Crows Nest (egg and kim chi on the side)>> No. 02 Flowers from the chap, after a nudge, from Eveleigh Markets>> No. 03 The Wombarra sea pool down south (only doable after you've warmed up by running to the pool first). >> No. 04 The Crooked Madam (or croque madam by Bird Cow Fish at the Eveleigh Markets.