{this & that} vegetables and bloggers

I don't miss meat on Monday, and nor do I a couple of other days a week now. I wonder whether I'm changing or vegetables are getting better. Or maybe it's bothering to pick them up from the markets when they're in season, looking out for what's good instead of reaching automatically for the various staples. But there are so many gorgeous vegetables out there when you look, and so many inspiring blogs showing it off! I kind of want to tip my hat to a small selection of bloggers I find infinitely inspiring. Here's a kind of round up of marvellous vegetable inspiration from some of my favourite online spots. Who's missing meat?

>> No. 01 I'm desperate for one of these grilled spring vegetable tacos with cauliflower tortillas by Roost.

>> No. 02Blogger Sophie Hansen at Local is Lovely is also a marvellous farmer, growing her own venison which she sells at farmers markets around Sydney. I turn to her site when I can't get away, looking for cooking and gardening inspiration with homespun charm. Her post on feijoas really got me. I used to pick these from a prolific tree in my grandparents place in New Zealand, their highly perfumed flesh spooned out right there and then.

>> No. 03 You'll know La Tartine Gourmande, of course. I love her interest in produce and they way she makes even the most potentially dishevelled things look spectacular (perhaps I should get over there and see what she can do with me}. But this post from way back in 2011 stays with me as being so incredibly beautiful, for allowing the various vegetables, radishes, to shine. She roasts half of them, check it out.

>> No. 04 Is this the perfect salad bowl? I love wooden bowls for salads, they kind of suit the tossed leaves, extra virgin olive oil, natural thing. This large, thick bowl is made of maple wood, and you can find it here for a mere $285.

>> No. 05Canelle e Vanille puts these raw beetroots, carrots and radishes with black cod, with lots of lemon, chives and coriander. Definitely making this, with some local fish in the Alaskan fish's place.