{this & that} all that glitters

this & that all that glitters

Okay, so this guide is not much more than a thinly veiled list of the things I'd really like to find in the stocking on Christmas day. But let it act as a go-to on what-the-hell-to-buy that person in your life who's design fussy, fond of food, of the home-maker ilk and a sucker for all that glitters and shines. A personal gift is usually a good one, and nothing makes Christmas day merrier than a present that's taken a bit of consideration. So before Christmas we'll post some personalise-able ideas to wrap and flaunt under the tree. But as a nod to the happy season, we're starting with the concept that all that glitters is indeed gold, while acknowledging the truth that the person who will be cooking your Christmas lunch or dinner deserves some shimmering, glorious treat as thanks. These are just ideas, and they beat the pants off a pair of socks of course. Browse through Etsy and check out the online stores below for ideas that will work for your very own kitchen guru.

01.Spear basket is perfect for holding serviettes and cutlery for alfresco dining, and can serve as a pretty bread basket. 02. Harlequin Gold Thermo Mug at Ferm Living; 03. Three "iuvo" solid bronze bangles stacked together to make one, available online only. 04. Hay "kitchenscissor", for snipping herbs or cutting the string from the impending roast, this handy scissors come in two sizes. 05.Beat it, just beat it, an amusing tea towel that should take some of the chore out the huge task of washing up on Christmas day. 06. A set of four Tutti Frutti mugs, bring a little bright cheer on to the table, plus they are microwave and dishwasher safe. 

This post also appeared in Cosmopolitan magazine online.