{how they make} extra virgin olive oil

As jobs go, writing about food and travel is pretty great. I get to travel around the world, and best of all Australia, and find the best things to eat and drink there. I did an olive oil story a while back for The Sydney Morning Herald and revealed that basically Australian extra virgin olive oil, eaten the year it is harvested, is rather remarkable. It's fresh, real and whole food, without additives and refined oil you often find in imported oils. And it's very good for you.

Not all olive oils are created equal. Not even all extra virgin olive oils are created equal. True, a drizzle of the golden liquid will spruce up a tangled bowl of spaghetti, but there's more to a bottle emblazoned with "premium", "extra virgin" and "cold-pressed" than meets the eye.

But to research the story I went along to watch an olive harvest, to see the olives picked and turned into olive oil in a matter of hours. Usually I take pictures to record these things, but I used my trusty iphone to shoot this video instead. The making of extra virgin olive oil. I filmed this at Cobram Estate.