a palm beach wedding

Still reeling slightly, head still full of bouquets and my chap's smile and all the people I love cheering me on from a little Palm Beach park on a hot summer's day last week. Yep, I got hitched.

We filled the car with Champagne glasses and actual Champagne, one massive gown and heads packed with planning and schedules and to-do lists and drove to our Palm Beach wedding, and after a ceremony that included 32C heat and then a magical thunderstorm during the vows, including a massive lightening crack when he said "love and respect", we were married.

The Boathouse at Palm Beach was decked out in hydrangeas and peonies, we ate fish and chips (see me at inspection point below), roast beef and paella and ordered scoops from an icecream stall, we cracked open a giant croquembouche and sliced into a traditional cake my mother made. And we danced, a LOT.

After a few days spent with our family and mates in Palm Beach, staying at a house (see below) that was so ridiculously Palm Beach it was bordering on a good kind of cliche, me and my groom took a few days up north running and surfing and eating and not writing or referring to one single to-do list. I'll follow up with a post on who did the photos (excuse my Instagram shots for now), the flowers, the dress, the hair, for other wedding planners looking for something super relaxed and beachy for their wedding (with or without the thunderstorm).