{look out...} the new issue of Feast

Winter doesn't have to bring the blues. A completely elegant, spoonable dessert, France’s soufflé is as light as air and rich at the same time. Break into the eggy chocolate base and drizzle a hazelnut-infused sauce into its core.

I learned how to make this when I was quite young, admittedly with pretty stellar teachers on hand. But it goes to show the remarkable soufflé is not as complex or difficult as it might appear. Keep the eggs at room temperature to make it easier to fold everything together. Once you've made it with chocolate, feel free to experiment through the seasons with different spices such as cinnamon. This soufflé is perfect just plain as well, a simple and sophisticated way to keep warm when it’s cold out. Brush the copper saucepan or soufflé dish with butter then dust it with caster sugar so the soufflé rises evenly. Promise me you won't open the oven door while it's cooking, or your soufflé will deflate disappointingly. Use best-quality chocolate for this recipe, it makes it worth the effort!

In the latest issue of SBS Feast magazine, my chocolate souffle with hazelnut ganache features among some other delightful winter-appropriate things. Pick up the July issue of the magazine, out today.