the gorgeous new fit out at north bondi fish

Just because the chill is (very, very slowly) setting in doesn't mean we have to settle for cushions of stodge and fat-laden things. As this seems as good a time as any to jump into the invigorating waves and stick to the more virtuous health kick we started in summer, I found my way to North Bondi Fish to sample its new winter menu. Here's a sort-of review.

The sparkling Bondi world makes its way in this rather new fit out, which kind of melds Beachy chic with Scandinavian interiors. The marble tables are fresh without being cold, and the cane chairs and booth seats at some tables make it comfortable and sophisticated in one. It's all fresh and light and breezy, perfect for 'wintery' Sydney right now. And so is the food.

My Instagram snaps on the day (yes, one of those annoying customers) barely do it justice, but you get the gist. If this is winter, bring it on.

No.01/ Grilled snapper with fresh broad beans and radish. A perfect share plate.

No.02/ The Matt Moran/ Peter Sullivan establishment features incredible ceramics throughout - both under the food and on the walls. Thank goodness for a move away from white. Instead these bright colours (the sea green glaze under the snapper, for example) make the food pop. I love the fish-shaped ceramics schooling their way up one wall.

No.03/ Hello prawn. I want one.

No.04/ If North Bondi Fish has one signature dish, this should be it (and the tuna with fennel and mandarin oil below). Scampi is roughly chopped and textured, tucked inside these sweet fresh pasta ravioli.

No.05/ Grilled fresh scallops served in their shell. If you make your way to North Bondi Fish, order these (my companions thought this was the best dish they had. Oh no wait the ravioli. Oh no maybe the ...).

No.06/ I am embarrassed to admit I've never had an espresso martini before. Now I have, inside a popsicle. These numbers pack a punch, but they're delightful, playful adult things. The other is salted coconut and mango popsicle. Yes, it is. A layered chocolate ganache square comes with riberry compote that's sweet and sour and totally crave-worthy.

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North Bondi Fish

120 Ramsgate Avenue, North Bondi 


02 9130 2155

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