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I love the idea of cooking on the fly, turning out dinner made from what's fresh today, but the reality is oh so different. As a working mum, I need to be more organised or I end up with wilted salads and a protein I haven't put enough care into when cooking and trying to get something on the table. And then there'd be wasted food I never found a place for on the plate.

ENOUGH! I started planning out my week, working out meals we all loved and where no ingredient was wasted, batch cooking on weekends and cleverly turning one meal into two with a few new ingredients and a new outlook. I'm as excited about Monday's dinner as I am Thursday's, and I have so many new tricks on cooking when time is pressed and all you want to do it get your bra (or socks, boys) off and collapse over a warming meal you actually feel like eating. I don't know if you're like me, but I rarely feel like eating the same thing two nights in a row. 

Sound familiar? I have built a weekly planner for you (and me). It's coming soon, with some new updates and tweaks and more wintery goodness. The meals are nourishing, beautifully photographed, printable, downloadable, simple, and FREE. 

SIGN UP HERE so I can send you a hot wink and a nudge when the weekly winter weeknight dinners are ready for you! Oh - it also includes all the shopping tips, in season tweaks and use-up-the-ingredient tips you could ever dream of. See you soon! xx Kate

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