Margaret and Me: Grilled prawns, bloody mary butter

I’m completely thrilled to share with you the first recipe video from my new book, Margaret and Me. Filmed in my grandma Margaret Fulton’s kitchen, I make Grilled Prawns with Bloody Mary Butter and Green Oil, a recipe from the book.

Margaret and Me (Murdoch Books) is my foodoir with 50 recipes, including gorgeous shots and family pictures, of what it was like growing up surrounded by food, cooks, and seeing the food world change around me. I intertwine my own experiences – that’s the memoir bit – with the upbringing and life of Margaret Fulton (story in the Daily Telegraph here). While we both forged careers in the food world, me as a food and travel writer and cook, our paths have been vastly different as well.

You can find the recipe for Grilled Prawns with Bloody Mary Butter and Green Oil in Margaret and Me. The book is available in all good book stores, online, and even Big W. I hope you love it, that you get some entertainment out of my stories, and that you love and cook the recipes regularly.

A HUGE thank you to Luisa Brimble, who put this video together for me. Have a listen to an interview Margaret and I did with Radio National on the ABC to hear more.

{recipe} raspberry chocolate sundae

raspberry chocolate sundae

I’ve been going a bit anti sugar lately, packing in vegetables so they fill up the plate and turning to kombucha and my own ferments as I turn my nose up at bought things from packets. But I also say easy-does-it. I think a little bit of something sweet, something decadent and indulgent, is an important part of every balanced diet. And so I made these, little raspberry chocolate sundaes topped with chopped almonds and pistachios. Pour the chocolate sauce on still a little hot if you’re happy to see the ice cream dissolve in front of you. {READ MORE}

Farm panorama with Sean Moran

whisky lunch-4

whisky lunch-10

Tucked away in the Wollomi and Blue Mountains National Parks in Bilpin is a stunning home stay hosted by chef Sean Moran of Sean’s Panorama. Farm Panorama is a far cry from Bondi Beach, where the chef’s restaurant appeals to the glittering set looking for a meal inspired by the season’s harvests.

Sitting on the verandah that wraps around Moran’s home, we were served yabbies on toast with native finger limes, goat’s curd ravioli with rainbow chard and leeks, and a rolled suckling pig roasted around peach wood with fennel, kumera and pine mushrooms. In the chilly air, surrounded by Australian bush, watching Moran’s geese and chickens scratching, admiring the roses in his garden; it’s a day trip that feels a world away.

The meal was designed around Glenmorangie single malt Scotch whisky. Glenmorangie Nectar D’Or was matched with the yabbies, while the same distillery’s Quinta Ruban was poured as the pork was served. {READ MORE}

tote-able healthy jar salad

healthy jar salad

Everything good can be served in a jar these days. Shun the lunch-at-desk option as you head for the daily grind and instead pack up good things from the fridge to cart in a jar. This clever tote-able healthy jar salad prevents the soggy salad inevitability and gives you the power to include whatever you like. Just follow this order of what to put in first.. {READ MORE}

{recipe} spiced chickpea chips

Just like round, spicy chips. These spiced chickpea chips are great for entertaining, especially when done ahead so your don’t leave your guests starving on the sofa. We all love something crunchy and salty with a drink, and this is an easy option, much more nutritious than the potato chip version. Here’s the recipe.


{recipe} cardamom carrot cake

carrot cake

The Easter bunny would have it no other way. Carrot cake seems like a much more appropriate order right now, especially before we overdose on chocolate. Make this cake more cheery with the addition of little decorations, even marzipan-shaped carrots, or keep it elegant with a simple cream cheese frosting.


Glamour campaign with the QVB

kate gibbs QVB

This glamorous campaign involved a day shooting this divine scene in the tea rooms in the top floor at the Queen Victoria Building (QVB) in Sydney. With Australians from the worlds of art, ballet, architecture, film and even modelling, I was dressed in an elaborate tutu, asked to hold a cupcake, and join in one of the funnest shoots I’ve ever been involved with.

This year the QVB celebrates Glamour, Nostalgia and Indulgence. The impressive cast, led by actress Marta Dusseldorp, was carefully curated to represent what personifies the QVB. I was there to represent food and indulgence. Shot within the coveted halls of The Tea Room, the portrait was photographed by renowned fashion photographer Georges Antoni amongst an elaborate set created by Sydney Theatre Company’s esteemed set designer Alice Babidge. I hope you enjoy the video, and the behind-the-scenes pictures below. {READ MORE}

healthy easter egg hunt

easter eggs-3

easter eggs-4

Cracking open a more savoury option this easter, I’m indulging in eggs with a different kind of wrapping. For breakfast, soft boiled eggs topped with salmon roe (eggs on eggs) to have with filter coffee; a healthy wake up call for the weekend. Then, there’s enough energy to go hunting for the chocolate versions… Happy, healthy easter! {READ MORE}

{recipe} how to make gin and tonic pickled sardines

gin and tonic sardines hero

Sardines are one of the healthiest, most flavourful fish you can eat. They’re great on the barbecue and they’re great even from the tin. These sweet little pickled sardines, filleted, and drizzled with extra virgin olive oil, make an ideal last minute snack served with crusty bread. Do them ahead and serve as an entree with drinks. Orange rind and juniper berries give this pretty recipe a gin and tonic tilt, making them the perfect match for an actual gin and tonic, come to that. {READ MORE}

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