glacé ice-creamery

Glace, Leichhardt

Traipsing around Sydney visiting local producers for The Foodie’s Guide to Sydney 2011, for which I am writing. And I found the Mecca of good ice-cream. You can buy Glacé ice-creams and sorbets all over the place, but it is in the Leichhardt store that the Fresh Quince Sorbet, Sour Cherry & Passionfruit, and Espresso and Zabaglione terrines come from.

Glacé churns out some of the cutest icey petit fours ever, all made from Marilyn Lean’s multi-award winning ice-creams and sorbets. The small shopfront hosts chocolate dipped wafer ice-cream sandwiches, and tubs of most flavours, including the odd seasonal addition. Quince is in right now, as is Sour Cherry. You can get tiny choc-dipped cones on sticks, and what they call Snowballs – coconut ice-cream dipped in dark chocolate and sprinkled with toasted coconut.

Wedding planners can invent their own iced-boule-laden cakes using whatever flavours they like. You need to give four to five days notice on special orders, which can include (ice-cream) cupcake pyramids, tri-flavour “bombs”, and specific requests for 2 litre terrines made with layers of flavours.

All photographs by Kate Gibbs.
Glacé: 27 Marion Street, Leichhardt.
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