Morning at Eveleigh

We love the packaging, we love the sweet roasted scented muesli with hints of orange, pecans and coconut, we love Farmer Jo, a stall at Eveleigh Markets. These smart little cartons hold five different flavours of cereal, using all natural ingredients. Farmer Jo roast all the nuts and dry the coconut and fruits themselves, and the pecans are truly fresh. We love the pear, pecan and spiced ginger toasted muesli, while the green apple and dried muscatel and grain porridge is full of almonds, vanilla and a hint of orange oil. Check out the other flavours here.

We spent last Saturday morning wandering through the glorious undercover markets, picking up chorizo to barbecue for addition to a tomato salad heavy with basil and cucumber, and flowers to fill the apartment. Kylie Kwong’s egg and shredded vegetable pancakes for breakfast, made by Kylie herself who works in streamlined efficiency at the end of a long queue. Toby’s Estate strong soy flat whites and cappuccinos were ordered and then seconds were reordered, a vanilla and chocolate ice-cream sandwich from Pat & Sticks was had on the way home.

See more on the fabulous and ever-changing Eveleigh Markets here and here.

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