Ears to the ground in Sydney

Local Sydney artist Ears, or Daniel O’Toole, has been in the Inner West street scene for a while. He has carved out a style in which beautiful curling eyes have adorned many street walls, and his art has also cropped up in Paddington and the East. But this incredibly talented “graff” artist has now turned to more studio-based pursuits, doing painting we can actually buy instead of wander past.

He told Side Street Sydney: “Sydney needs a cultural explosion. There are more people behind the desire to make it happen so hopefully when Sydney does have its creative orgasm it will last a long time and will set the wheels in motion for a new direction that embraces the potential of creative people to run businesses and events in Sydney. For this to happen we need help from our councils and government. With this in mind the new liquor licensing laws are a new hope on the horizon for us all. And I feel that for next 5 to 10 years in Sydney is the place to be. For me its exciting to be somewhere that DOESN’T have 100 cool little bars hidden in back streets and lots of galleries that have seen so much ‘street art’ that they are over it. It’s still all new and fun in Sydney, and we get to pave the way now as the first generation to see small bars opening after a long stint of RSL dominance and pokies galore.”

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