{snacking on} chocolate toffee eclairs

Saw these brand new toffees, chocolate centred and chewy, and well tried them in the name of research. And I’m pleased to report that empirical evidence suggests they are fit for a tiny bowl near the front door in case of a low-sugar level impending catastrophe. My boyfriend used to keep little handfuls of chocolate and sugar in his pocket when we lived in London, in case I got suddenly urgent  and the crinkles on my forehead became pronounced. These would have been perfect.

The eclairs come from the makers of those Werther’s Originals, which had that buttery crunchy texture, eventually softening a little in order to get stuck in your teeth. These are also buttery, but to crunch through is to get a little nut of dark chocolate, not bitter but not sickly sweet. The waxed white paper twirled at the ends like proper lollies make them old fashioned and therefore so .. now. All pics by Kate Gibbs.

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