bird cow fish at eveleigh markets

Alex Herbert, of Bird Cow Fish in Surry Hills fame, cooked me an omelette while I was standing right there in front of her. She used heirloom tomatoes tossed with the cherry variety, finely sliced Spanish onion and lots of parsley, all marinated in their own juices. And using three eggs she pulled together a perfect omelette in under 2 minutes as I made all efforts to catch it on camera. That’s not the sort of thing you can do at the Bird Cow Fish restaurant, but it is the sort of thing she’ll do for you, now, at Eveleigh Markets.  Herbert (pictured below) set up the Bird Cow Fish stall at the markets almost upon their opening a year and a half ago. She’s always sold freshly baked Banana Bread Star Cakes, Toasted Zucchini and Walnut Bread, various buns and muffins (below), chocolate-dipped mega mega meringues (oh my goodness… see pic below) and hot porridge served with brown sugar in a cup. She’s trying out the omelettes and will gauge popularity, so it’s a good time to show your support of them. I bumped into the clever Simon Thomsen, who was also partaking in a Herbert omelette special.

Herbert told me she gets up at 4am on Saturdays to start the baking. She then arrives at Eveleigh Markets, chats to visitors, refills the baskets of baked things, and spoons out porridge to order. She then heads back to the restaurant at about 2.30pm, unpacks, and tries to fit in a little afternoon rest. What a woman!

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