rice pudding macarons by adriano zumbo

Adriano Zumbo, of course. Theses oatmeal and ylang ylang macarons are soft and chewy on the inside, and crispy on the outside, again, of course. But even more amazing were the rice pudding and the coconut and pineapple macarons, the first with that creamy pudding flavour folded into to the not-too-sugary macarons. Pretty clever mister Zumbo.

Pictures by Kate Gibbs, taken using tiltshift.

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2 Responses to rice pudding macarons by adriano zumbo
  1. Aren’t these amazing macarons! I’m testing a couple of recipes out this weekend. Will let you know how I go! xx Kate

  2. Gorgeous Macarons! SO CLEVER with the flavour combinations – incredibly well balanced! Always taste a treat!

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