A Creole food story

This story appears in the NY Times. Amazing and personal tale about food developments in New Orleans, post Katrina.

EVERY morning Leah Chase hobbles out of her FEMA trailer and crosses the street to check on the tortuous effort to rebuild her historic restaurant, Dooky Chase. Mrs. Chase, 83, is the nation’s most revered Creole chef. Since Hurricane Katrina soaked her restaurant with five feet of water, people with the best intentions have held gumbo fund-raisers for her. Volunteers from Viking, the stove company, sanitized every pot and spoon. Insurance checks, such as they were, have been cashed… There are some lovely post-Katrina food developments. Chefs are cooking with a new dedication and using more local products. The city has its first taco trucks, set up to feed workers from Mexico and elsewhere in Latin America who are in town to help rebuild it… FULL STORY on The New York Times here.

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